Video Jukebox



We’ve shopped the market, and we always come back to the NGX Ultra Jukebox. It’s the only one that’s built for pure unadulterated music video entertainment.

The wide 32-inch digital screen grabs eyeballs and the secondary touchscreen display makes this wall-mounted jukebox so easy for your customers to make song requests and play music videos, all at the same time.

It’s a jukebox that earns as much attention as it will drive up your revenue.


• Each time a customer chooses a song to hear, they will automatically be given the opportunity to upgrade their selection to a video for a small up-charge.

• Music and video selections can be made on the jukebox touchscreen display or by staff using a mobile app so they don’t have move from their station.

• Easily expand video viewing to other TVs located in your establishment.


• Use the Ad Manager application to easily create your own personalized digital signage to promote your business effectively to your customers.

• Advertise rewards programs, special discounts, upcoming events and more.

• Add your logo and images to any ad to personalize the customer experience.


• Upper 32-inch wide High Definition television display so you’ll see perfect videos and promotions from across the room!

• Lower 18.5-inch wide HD touchscreen intuitive display that makes it easy to select music and videos.

• 1,000 Watt, 4-Channel Amp System for that immersive, room-filling sound your customers will love.

• Dynamic and customizable lighting beats to the music as it’s being played.

• Core computer package includes the motherboard, power supply, and I/O controller, plus a solid-state hard drive pre-installed with configurable selections of locally stored music.

• Additional 1TB hard drive is included for music video downloads and storage.

• Wired and Infrared wireless remote controls.

• Credit card reader and dual MEI BA each with 700 bill capacity.

Hard-wired broadband Internet connection required.