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Bob Schneider (left) and Warren Hood (right) take to the Songwriters Across Texas stage in 2019.


Few states have as rich a musical heritage as Texas, and we plan to keep it that way! Find out how we’re helping to keep music alive and well in the Lone Star State.

Songwriters Across Texas (SAT) was created in 2012 with the goal of supporting and showcasing musical talent in the great State of Texas. Following our purchase of SAT in 2017, we have overseen management and production of this outstanding live music show for cable TV, showcasing both established artists and promising newcomers — each featured in their own exclusive half-hour episode. There are more than 75 hours of programming available featuring almost 1,000 recorded songs by such notable Texas musicians as Bob Schneider, Miss Lavelle White, A.J. Vallejo, Erin Ivey, Warren Hood, and many more.

Our video The Making of Songwriters Across Texas (SongwritersAcrossTexas.com/tv-show) highlights the motivation and dedication of the folks behind this groundbreaking TV show, as we revitalize the brand with enhanced production values and increased capital investment.

You may also like to see a short teaser video (SongwritersAcrossTexas.com/teaser) that was made to promote the TV show.

Under the SAT brand, we also produce a weekly radio show on 107.9 KFAN hosted by Karl Anderson, a highly respected fixture in the Austin music and acting community for over 25 years. SAT also supports local artists with a popular monthly event called The Supper Club, where we honor members of the music community for their persistent and selfless dedication to artists across Texas.



Queens of Texas music: Erin Ivey (left) and Miss Lavelle White (right).

Music Downloads = Money for Musicians

To further support the artists that appear on our TV and radio shows for the SAT brand, we encourage them to distribute their music and videos on our Lucky 7 Downloads website. But this premium music distribution website is not just for established local artists, we also make these powerful online benefits freely available to any and all aspiring musicians in Texas and beyond.

The primary business of Lucky 7 Downloads is to distribute awesome music and video content, and to support local musicians the best way we can: Allowing them to sell their songs and make money.

We encourage people to visit the Lucky 7 Downloads website where they can pay to download music and watch videos. We in turn are then able to share our website revenues with artists. Relative to most other popular download and streaming sites, we pay artists more per download! Not only that, but we also provide musicians with a secure, dynamic and vibrant online platform — at no cost — that they can use to promote their art and build their audiences, all from the perspective of their own individual brands.

Our strategy begins by offering retail merchants (primarily bars, pool halls, and convenience stores) an opportunity to share our business initiatives and sell their customers original songs available on our website. Customers can either purchase Music Packs of pre-selected songs or a Music Download Gift Certificate that can be redeemed at the Lucky 7 Downloads website for the full value of their purchase. Customers select from more than 21,000 songs (and growing) to download and play on their computers and mobile devices, similar to the way the iTunes® application works.


Singer, songwriter and sensational stage performer, Ginger Leigh.

Music Is Our Core Product

We are extremely proud to be supporting local musicians in the great State of Texas. We also enjoy the loyal patronage of our customers who appreciate receiving free entries to our sweepstakes contest and the exciting sweepstakes games they pay nothing to play and risk nothing of value.

We hope this has been a helpful introduction to Songwriters Across Texas and Lucky 7 Downloads. Our overwhelming ambition is to create a platform for hard-working musicians to be heard and to help them sell their music to an admiring audience. As we go about our business, it is our sincere intention to comply with all laws in every respect, and we look forward to working with you to show our 100% commitment in that regard.

We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions or comments.

For more information about Songwriters Across Texas or the Lucky 7 Downloads website, please write to us at the following address: Lucky 7 Downloads LLC, PO Box 1628, Round Rock, Texas 78680.

To discover more about Songwriters Across Texas, please go to: SongwritersAcrossTexas.com.

To visit the Lucky 7 Downloads website, please go to: Lucky7Downloads.com.


Texas songwriter, Shane Cooley, releases 50 songs during the recent lockdown.