Our Certification Training teaches your staff everything they need to know about music downloads and the free sweepstakes games, how to operate all of the devices we’re installing, and how to generate financial status reports. And most important of all, how to be a knowledgeable expert for your customers who have questions.

Before or during installation of our equipment, we will schedule your certification program for you and your staff. We’ll have presentations to take them through, fun videos to watch, games to play, and pop quizzes to make sure everyone’s learning what they need to do an outstanding job.

Our Certification Training is a must for all locations who sell music downloads and offer the free sweepstakes contest. We know from experience that the more knowledgeable your staff, the happier your customers will be – and a happy customer is good for business.

A representative of the Training and Promotions Team will be assigned to work with you and will help you schedule and promote your grand opening.

Our sales representatives will be available at any time for any concerns or questions that may come up.

It is a fact! If you’re excited about selling music downloads and promoting the best free sweepstakes games, your customers will be excited too!