Our Free Sweepstakes Contest



There’s a reason why we’re headquartered in Austin, Texas. It’s the live music capital of the world. And we’re actively working to keep that reputation!

Our business model is designed to discover new talent, promote artists, and provide artists with a platform they use to record and distribute their original music. Music is our core product. We actively search for new and upcoming talent across the State of Texas and encourage community participation.

We film, record and distribute the music of Texas songwriters, and we offer an exclusive catalog of more than 21,000 songs from independent artists from around the globe.

Musicians are able to upload their songs to our website that is made available for purchase at various bars and music lounges, convenience stores, and other businesses throughout Texas.

The more music we sell, the more revenue we share with musicians.

Free-to-Enter Sweepstakes Contest

One of the ways we promote the sale of music products from independent musicians is to give our customers a number of free promotional entries to a sweepstakes contest (just like the way the McDonald’s Monopoly® sweepstakes game promotes the sale of burgers at the fast food chain McDonald’s®). The number of free promotional entries we give to each customer corresponds to the amount spent on the product(s) they purchase.

Sweepstakes are used by thousands of American companies and help promote the sale of these company’s core products and attract new customers.


Thousands of corporations promote their core products with sweepstakes, including McDonald’s, The Coca-Cola Company, Mars Wrigley Confectionery, Lay’s, and Snapple.


Customers can tell at the click of a button if they have won a promotional prize in the sweepstakes contest because we have already determined which of the free entries has a promotional prize attached to them. We create a finite number of entries to the sweepstakes contest and a finite number of promotional prizes. Those prizes are allocated to specific entries on a completely random basis, and they are locked in place until those entries have been assigned for play. Each finite pool of free entries and promotional prizes are replenished once they have been exhausted.

This means there is no element of chance involved in winning a promotional prize, and we are able to tell customers if they have won anything using our “Reveal All” technology built in to the software.

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There are more than 21,000 songs to purchase on the Lucky 7 Downloads website.

Free Sweepstakes Games – No Cost and No Risk

However, for residents of Texas only, we offer an entertaining and fun alternative to simply clicking a button. We have a wide variety of free sweepstakes games that reveal — as they are being played — whether our customers have won a promotional prize or not. And because we know how popular our sweepstakes games are, we allow anyone to play every day for free...without buying music.

The free sweepstakes games are a sincere thank-you gesture to our customers who support our efforts to help local musicians. However, please note that purchasing music is not required to play the free sweepstakes games and does not affect the prospects of winning a promotional prize, and that no purchase or donation is ever required to play the free sweepstakes games.

Please enjoy a presentation video describing the role of the Lucky 7 Downloads website here: SongwritersAcrossTexas.com/info.

The official rules of the free sweepstakes games are always posted clearly and prominently in every location we sell music and offer the free sweepstakes games. The official rules of the free sweepstakes games are also published online at the following URL: Royal7Playlist.com/Rules.

For those who win a promotional prize, we have all kinds of wonderful gifts to choose from at our Prize Redemption Center (similar to the redemption centers you will find at the restaurant and entertainment chains Chuck E. Cheese® and Dave & Buster’s®). Customers can select from promotional prizes ranging from Teddy Bears to T-shirts, Bags O’ Silver to exclusive holiday vacations. And much more…


Austin-based singer, Beaver Nelson, Texas’ gift to songwriting and bar room philosophy.

Everyone’s A Winner!

It’s important to note that, while not everyone wins a promotional prize in the sweepstakes contest, no one ever loses when they buy music at the Lucky 7 Downloads website. Every customer keeps the music they pay for to the full value of their purchase, and can download those songs to their computers and portable devices at their own convenience. There’s no time limit to redeem the Music Download Gift Certificates, or any other gift certificate for products: If a customer chooses to wait a week or a year, we will always honor the full purchase value of each Music Download Gift Certificate, and every gift certificate for other products.

There is no charge to enter the sweepstakes contest. And no one pays to play the sweepstakes games. Ever.